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18 April
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English-writing francophone, and (very) lazy LJ user. Despite my frequent resolutions, I don't post often in this journal -- once a month, give or take practically once a week now, though this frenzy of posting may not last. I mostly use it to comment on my flist. If I friended you, it's probably because we share some interests, maybe related to TV shows: Alias, Farscape or Battlestar Galactica. At the moment, I talk about Starbuck a lot, because she's that awesome. And super-fantastic. And pretty. I've recently discovered Babylon 5 (don't mock, it's never too late to catch up) and much, much love.

Other things I madly love: Terry Pratchett, Fritz Lang, Cary Grant, Nicolas Bouvier, X-Men (movieverse and comics), Veronica Mars, the new Doctor Who, Fables, Planetary, Neil Gaiman, Mike Carey's Lucifer, comics in general, Lost, but I almost never talk about them. See "lazy".

Update: I haven't posted much recently, for various real-life reasons, but I'll read and comment, particularly if you're talking about whatever caught my fancy recently: Star Trek, Zachary Quintoooooo, crazy French politics, True Blood, racefail, A Song of Ice and Fire, Justified, football or FRIIIIINGE and the awesomeness that is Olivia Dunham. I came for JJ Abrams (because I never learn) and Lance Reddick, I stayed for Anna Torv. Oh, Olivia and Walter! And there's also that guy people love, he's okay I guess. But mostly, Olivia and Walter and Lt Daniels Broyles and Astrid. I need to talk about them more.

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